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Application for Region of Waterloo Economic Development Grant - Events (2020)

Events providing an economic benefit to the region


Due date: March 13, 2020

Organization Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for this grant, your organization must:

  • Be a registered charity or not-for-profit organization.
  • Demonstrate adherence to good governance principles, efficient administration practices and commitment to fiscal responsibility. Organizations with an accumulated deficit over 25 per cent of annual operating expenses are not eligible to apply.
  • Not be in receipt of funding from other Regionally funded programs.
  • Not provide grants to other organizations.

Event Eligibility Criteria:

The event must:

  • Be a one-time event or special event (heritage, culture or recreation).
  • Take place within the boundaries of Waterloo Region.
  • Have objectives/values consistent with the Region of Waterloo.
  • Be non-religious/non-denominational.
  • Have quantifiable economic benefit to the region.

Evaluation Criteria:

The Waterloo Region Economic Development Strategy identifies 20 actions and 94 tasks for the Region of Waterloo, 22 of which place priority on supporting local organizations and networks that accomplish specific economic development objectives. These priorities have been combined to develop evaluation criteria for the Economic Development Grant – Events providing an economic benefit to the region.

Financial assistance for events providing an economic benefit to the region will be prioritized based on their:

  • Cultural, heritage or recreational significance.
  • Appeal to a broad segment of the population.
  • Accessibility.
  • Economic benefits, including enhancing the region’s image.


Organization details:

Primary contact information:

Grant details

Please outline the economic impact of your most recent event in the following areas:

Please be prepared to provide the following documents as part of the application screening process if asked to provide them.

  1. A complete Application form.
  2. A signed Certification form.
  3. Most recent annual report/audited financial statement (revenue, expenses and balance sheet).
  4. Budget for the year the grant is requested.
  5. A complete list of board members, their positions and addresses.
  6. A two page summary of event and how it:

    1. brings people into the region;
    2. appeals to a broad sector of the population;
    3. is accessible for spectators;
    4. results in repeat visits; and/or
    5. enhances the Region’s image and promotes the Region within and beyond its boundaries.


  7. Previously used marketing materials acknowledging receipt of the Region’s Economic Development Grant (for previous recipients only).
  8. Examples of media coverage.

Please Note: This application will not be processed unless the application is completed in full and all supporting documentation is attached, including a signed Certification form.

Legislative Authority:
Section 107(1) of the Municipal Act

Despite any provision of this or any other Act relating to the giving of grants or aid by a municipality, subject to section 106, a municipality may make grants, on such terms as to security and otherwise as the council considers appropriate, to any person, group or body of any kind, including a fund, within or outside the boundaries of the municipality for any purpose that council considers to be in the interest of the municipality.


The applicant certifies that the information provided in this application for an Economic Development Grant is accurate and complete and is endorsed/approved by the Board of Directors.  In submitting this application, the Applicant agrees to the following conditions:

  • the obligation to allow the Region to conduct an audit of the Applicant in regard to how the Region of Waterloo – Economic Development Grant was expended should the Region choose to do so; and
  • the condition that the Applicant repay the Region of Waterloo – Economic Development Grant if it is not used for the purposes stated in the application and approved by Regional Council.

If submitting hard copies, please forward the completed application and all supporting documentation to:

Supervisor, Economic Development
Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Regional Administration Headquarters
150 Frederick Street, 8th Floor
Kitchener, Ontario   N2G 4J3


* Please note that approved Grants are normally paid at mid year*