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Subsidized housing building selection form

In this form you will choose which buildings you would like to live in. You can include as many as you like. Please note: You will receive one housing offer from the list of buildings you select when you apply, so do make sure to only choose the buildings that meet your needs. 

Search results

Based on preferences and needs selected above. (Note: if the results are blank, you may need to change your preferences.)

Non-profit housing, Co-operative housing, and Waterloo Region Housing options available

Waterloo Region Housing is owned and managed by the Region of Waterloo. Non-profit housing is owned and looked after by different groups, such as municipal governments, service clubs, or faith groups. In co-operative housing, tenants are members of the co-op, and they are obligated to help run and take care of the complex.

Rent supplement options available

Rent supplement units are spread throughout Waterloo Region, in many different neighbourhoods. The Region pays the landlord the difference between the rent-geared-to-income amount the tenant(s) pay and the market rent for the unit.

Below average market rent options available

Some private landlords have apartments that they rent at a rate below the Average Market Rent (BAMR) for Waterloo Region. To qualify, your income must be below a certain amount (see results below). 

For BAMR, your rent will not go up if your income goes up, or down if your income goes down. But it can have annual increases, according to the rent control guidelines. You may also have to pay other charges, like utilities and parking.