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Please note:

  1. There is no fee for a Good Forestry Practices Permit
  2. A permit must be obtained before cutting occurs.
  3. A Good Forestry Practices permit requires the preparation or approval of a statement of management goals and objectives and a silvicultural prescription by a Forester (i.e., Registered Professional Forester or Associate Member of the Ontario Professional Foresters’ Association) or the approval of the Region.
  4. An inspection of the woodland may be carried out by a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer before a permit is issued.


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Part 1. Owner Information

Does the woodland form part of an Environmentally Significant Landscape (ESL), Environmentally Sensitive Policy Area (ESPA) or a Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW)?
Do you consent for the Region of Waterloo to carry out a pre-inspection?

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Management Goals

Part 2. Tree marker

Tree Marking: Where an application has been submitted with a silvicultural prescription, tree marking shall be conducted by a Certified Tree Marker or an individual approved by the Registered Professional Forester who prepared the prescription.

Requirements for tree marking are:

  • All trees to be cut shall be marked to the Officer’s satisfaction, with a paint mark approximately 5 cm in diameter on three sides of the tree at breast height, and
  • A vertical paint line shall be placed at the base of the tree extending from below the saw line to the ground.
Who marked the trees?

Part 3. Harvesting Contractor (or person in charge of cutting)

Who will be cutting the trees?

Expected date of tree cutting

The person in charge of tree cutting is requested to provide confirmation to the Region of Waterloo at 519-575-4813 at least 24 hours prior to the start date or if the indicated start date has changed.
If logging operations are to occur near power lines, please contact Hydro One at 1-888-664-9376 prior to commencement of logging.

Part 4. Registered Professional Forester

Has a Registered Professional Forester other than the Region's forester been involved in planning the tree cutting?

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Submit Form. Please check to make sure all the information is correct.

Please indicate your role relative to the property to be harvested

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