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Multi-Residential Toilet Flapper and Fixture Replacement Program Application

Please complete this application to apply for the Region of Waterloo’s Multi-Residential Toilet Flapper and Fixture Replacement Program.  

This program provides an instant savings to property managers replacing the toilet flappers in their multi-unit buildings. Property managers are given a $15 rebate for every toilet flapper they replace in their building. Once registered in the program, property managers are also eligible to receive free water efficient showerheads and kitchen and bathroom sink tap aerators. 

This program provides property managers with instant savings and a quick rebate for replacing their toilet flappers. Property managers of duplexes, triplexes, student housing apartment buildings, low rise and high rise apartments can participate in the program.

This program is not suited for the replacement of a complete toilet, only the toilet flappers. 

Please note: If you have already completed this form and have finished installing your toilet flappers and water fixtures, please upload your information here.

Applicant Information

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Multi-Residential Property Information

Please complete the following section for each property you would like to register for the program.

Please note that a Multi-Residential building includes any residential building with two or more individually metered apartment units, including triplexes, low, medium and high rise apartment buildings, retirement buildings and student housing apartments etc. 

Use the "Add Another Property" button to add each additional property. 

The Region of Waterloo (Region) offers property managers that replace toilet flappers and/or flush valve seals a rebate of $15 per replacement. Property managers may also receive showerheads and tap aerators free of charge. Please visit for more program information.  


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Please indicate the flush rate of the majority of the toilets in the building

Toilet Flapper and Fixture Replacement Information

Please enter the number of toilet flappers and/or flush valve seals you intend to purchase and install for this property as part of the Region's program. Please note that it is the responsibility of the property manager to purchase and install the toilet flappers and/or flush valve seals. You will receive a rebate of $15 from the Region for each replacement upon completion. 

Please indicate the number of kitchen tap aerators, bathroom tap aerators and showerheads you would like the Region to provide for this property. 

Please note that adjustments can be made to these quantities if necessary, even after your application has been approved.  

Thank you. If you wish to complete an application for another property, please click the "Add Another Property" button. If you are finished entering properties, please continue with the application. 

Once we have confirmed your registration into the program, the next steps for receiving your rebate are as follows:


  • A Water Program Coordinator will ship your requested showerheads and/or tap aerators.
  • As the property manager, you are responsible for purchasing and installing toilet flappers as well as installing the provided showerheads and tap aerators in your building(s).
  • Once installations are complete, please contact the Water Program Coordinator by email at to confirm project completion.

At the time of completion, you may be asked to provide:
 - A copy of the receipt(s) for the installed toilet flappers as proof of purchase
 - Date of installation of the toilet flappers
 - The actual number of toilet flappers installed compared to original estimate (extra fixtures are to be returned to the Region)
 - Pictures of installations (as deemed necessary by the Water Program Coordinator)

  • Once the Water Program Coordinator has confirmed the project has been completed, you will be asked to submit a VOIDED cheque or Direct Deposit form to the coordinator by email or mail. This information allows the Region’s Finance department to issue a rebate via direct deposit.
  • The project application will be sent to the Region’s finance department to issue the rebate.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application and for your interest in water conservation! Together we are making a difference.

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Terms of Agreement

In consideration of my acceptance in the Region of Waterloo's Multi-Residential Fixture Replacement Program, I agree to the conditions of the rebate and I hereby release, waive and forever discharge the Region of Waterloo, including its Boards, and Commissions and its respective agents, officials, officers, and employees (“the Region”) of and from all claims, demands, costs and expenses, actions or causes of action in respect to death, injury or damage to any persons or any property howsoever caused, arising or to arise by reason of my participation in this program. I further acknowledge that the Region is not responsible for the selection and does not warrant the performance or accept any liability for the operation or non-operation or manner or form of installation of the toilet flapper or flush valve seal replacement under this program.

I further agree to allow the Region access to water billing account information for the sole purpose of monitoring water savings and consumption.

I further agree that should I choose not to install the toilet flappers and/or flush valve seals, or should I desire to withdraw from the program, I will return the fixtures provided to me by the Region, to the Region at 150 Frederick Street, Kitchener, 7th Floor. If I choose to keep the fixtures after withdrawal from the program, I understand that the Region will invoice me for the cost of the fixtures. 

I have read and understood the above Terms and Conditions.

Notice of Collection of Personal Information

To the extent that the foregoing information constitutes personal information as defined in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, chapter M.56 as amended, the information is subject to provisions of that Act and will be used to collect information for the purpose of the Region of Waterloo's Multi-Residential Toilet Flapper and Fixture Replacement program and to monitor water savings. Any questions regarding the collection of this personal information should be directed to Dan Meagher, Supervisor of Communications & Source Water Protection Program, at or 519-575-4400 ext. 4423.

I have read and understood the above notice of collection of my personal information.

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