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Closed sign request

The Region of Waterloo is offering signs* - free of charge - to display at areas your business is closing for the winter season. Closing areas not required during the winter can reduce slip and fall risks, protect your business from salt damage and protect our community's drinking water.

Once the form is submitted, Region of Waterloo staff will be in contact to confirm the order and provide an estimated time of delivery.

*Available while supplies last, the Region of Waterloo has the right to limit quantity provided. Property must be located in Waterloo Region. Upon receipt of the sign your organization agrees to display at a closed section of your property to reduce salting during the winter season.


  • Sign size: 30cm wide x 45cm high (12 inches wide x 18 inches high)
  • Sign material: aluminum steel
  • Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)
  • Display options: hang from chains, mount on post or attach to fence (not included with sign - hardware required to display the sign is the responsibility of the property owner)

closed sign


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