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Welcome to the Region of Waterloo's Sewer Use By-law Permit Application form

This form is for companies in the Region of Waterloo who require a permit under the Sewer Use By-law 21-036. Click here to read the full by-law. The yearly permit fee is $1,700, payable through this form by credit card.

This form will gather the details of your company's permit request. Permits are for one year, and companies must reapply each year if another permit is required. If you require more than one type of permit under the Sewer Use By-law, please submit this form separately for each permit.

If you have questions, please contact: Michael Gordon, Supervisor, Environmental Enforcement

Region of Waterloo, Environmental Enforcement and Laboratory Services

100 Maple Grove Road, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R6

Phone: (519) 577-6800   Email:

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