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Water Softener Plumbing Rebate Program Application

Please complete this application to apply for the Region of Waterloo’s Water Softener Plumbing Rebate program. The Region of Waterloo officially launched the pilot rebate program in July 2020 for homeowners who use municipal water in the Region of Waterloo.

The Water Softener Plumbing Rebate program offers a one-time rebate of $50 per household to change their water softener plumbing to treat hot water only. The program aims to help to reduce salt from entering local rivers and conserve drinking water. 

If one of the following statements is true, please click here to submit your results:

  • You have either completed this form before; and/or
  • You have tested your home's water hardness (at the laundry sink and main kitchen faucet) and would like to submit your results; and/or
  • You would like to confirm that you have switched your plumbing to soften the hot water only in your home  

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